Training & Consultation

The Clinicians at Trauma and Hope have years of experience providing training and consultation on a local, state, national, and international level. Trauma and Hope offers comprehensive training programs to meet the organization/clinical needs as it relates to working with high risk population groups. ​Currently, Trauma and Hope provides consultation services to a number of government, public, and private organizations.

Trauma and Hope has created the SETTS, Sexual Exploitation Treatment and Training Services. The SETTS Curriculum is a program manual for working, assessing, and treating victims of sexual exploitation. The program provides concrete skills, best practices and lessons from the field for professionals working with victims of sex trafficking. Areas that are addressed through the SETTS Curriculum include trauma informed response and care, screening and assessment, intersectionality and human trafficking, overview of complex trauma, psychophysiological impact of trauma, understanding traffickers and buyers mentality, parent/caregiver engagement, safety planning for survivor and professionals, vicarious trauma, collaboration, and creating an effective community response. SETTS is a 30 hour training curriculum which has been implemented in outpatient and inpatient clinical programs, nonprofit organizations, and residential settings.


Fees for training and consultation are based on a flat-rate, which fluctuates with the length and nature of what is requested, plus travel expenses. All contracts and fees are negotiated prior to the training or technical assistance. For more information, please contact us.