Training & Certificate Programs

Sexual Exploitation Treatment and Training Services (SETTS)

Certified by Trauma and Hope

Trauma and Hope offers comprehensive training and Certificate Programs for professionals working in the field of sexual exploitation. Trauma and Hope SETTS (Sexual Exploitation Treatment and Training Services) was established in 2015 by Deepa Patel, Co-Founder of Trauma and Hope due to a growing need of trauma focused services for not only victims of sexual exploitation, buyers, and traffickers but for professionals working directly in this field. The commercial sexual exploitation of individuals has increased, and these victims, buyers, and offenders are often not identified and frequently misdiagnosed. The unsettling reality of perpetrators preying on individuals and recruiting them into commercial sex enterprises has left individuals in our society broken and in desperate need of help. Traffickers have become accustomed to exploiting individuals for their financial gain at any cost. That cost is usually an enormous amount of trauma induced by abuse, grooming, and manipulation, which leaves these victims confused about themselves, their views of society, and personal relationships. The abuse and trauma these victims are forced to endure causes both short-term and long-term implications for individuals, families, and communities.

Due to the complexities of this horrific crime, professionals working in this field require a unique and diverse approach. The purpose of the SETTS Certification is to provide professionals the ability to successfully identify, address, and understand from a trauma informed perspective. The SETTS Certification Program provides an overview of sexual exploitation, trauma-focused interventions, and methods to becoming a resilient professional working with a high-risk population. To truly understand the complexities of victims, traffickers, and the buyers, participants will learn from both didactic and experiential methods. PowerPoint slides, handouts, videos, and experiential and practical exercises, Q and A sessions, case presentations, and interactive discussions will all be utilized. This can assist in understanding the content and material through practical applications.


Participants must be working in the field of sexual exploitation or high-risk populations where sexual exploitation is suspected. To receive Certification, attendance to all classes is required.


Trauma and Hope SETTS (Sexual Exploitation Training and Treatment Services) provides a five day trauma focused training focused towards sexual exploitation. The five days will provide professionals of an understanding and interventions for working with victims and offenders of exploitation. This includes screening, assessment, case management, and treatment interventions. The Five day outline includes:

Day 1:           Overview of Gangs and Exploitation

Day 2:           Understanding the Traffickers and Buyers Mindset; John School vs. Sex Offender Treatment

Day 3:           Trauma and Hope SETTS Screening, Assessment, and Trauma Focused Interventions/Protocol

Day 4:           Trauma and Hope SETTS Screening, Assessment, and Trauma Focused Interventions/Protocol

Day 5:           Compassion Fatigue, Secondary Trauma, and Resiliency Building; Ensure your Safety and Safety of Others

Training is developed specific to your agency. For more information, please contact Deepa Patel using our contact form.