Trauma and Hope Batterer Intervention Program

Trauma and Hope offers group counseling for anyone who has been verbally, emotionally, or physically abusive and controlling to a romantic partner or ex-partner. Trauma and Hope’s Batterer Intervention Program teaches you to accept full responsibility for your behavior, understand that abusive behavior is a choice, and that you can choose different behaviors no matter how you feel, learn new ways of communicating with your partner, ex-partner and children, respect the opinions and wishes of all family members and ex-partners and identify triggers for abusive behavior and use those to act differently in the future.

An intake assessment is initially completed to determine eligibility. Group counseling occurs once a week for an hour and a half. The program is a minimum of 18 weeks and is conducted in an educational format and then shifts to helping the clients putting into practice what they learned. Group curriculum varies depending on the group needs and composition. Some group topics include:

  • What counts as violence?
  • Effects of abuse on partners
  • Emotional, Economic and Sexual abuse
  • Abusive versus respectful communication
  • Accountability
  • Benefits of stopping the abuse
  • Ending relationships respectfully
  • Self-care

Clients in Trauma and Hope’s Batterer Intervention Program come from a variety of occupations, incomes, ethnic and racial backgrounds. Clients participate in the Abuser Education Program if they:

  • Report being physically violent
  • Report being emotionally or verbally abusive and controlling
  • Are 18 years or older
  • Groups are currently being offered in English or Spanish
  • Clients are court mandated or seeking services voluntarily
  • Partners and ex-partners do not participate in groups

For more information about Trauma and Hope’s Batterer Intervention Program, contact us.