Sex Offender Treatment Program

For over 20 years, clinicians at Trauma and Hope have been successfully providing community based sex offender treatment services, to include case consultation, assessment; individual, group, and/or family treatment for those youth and adults charged with sexual offenses ordered to be evaluated, and court ordered to participate in treatment. The Clinicians at Trauma and Hope are Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider (CSOTP) and licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Board of Licensed Professionals Counselors and Social Work. Services provided to youth, adults, and their families can be provided in English and Spanish.

Trauma and Hope’s Sex Offender Treatment Program services include the following:

  • A comprehensive evaluation known as the Psychosexual Risk Assessment. Prior to the start of any treatment service for an adolescent or adult sexual offender a Trauma and Hope Certified Sex Offender Treatment Practitioner and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker approved by the Commonwealth of Virginia conducts a comprehensive Psychosexual Risk Assessment. Trauma and Hope utilizes a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to conducting evaluations. Critical individuals involved in the referral client are interviewed
  • Treatment Modalities: Trauma and Hope utilizes individual, family and/or group therapy. ​
  • Polygraph Examinations. Trauma and Hope utilizes polygraph examinations during the course of Sex Offender Treatment for those individuals that are amenable to polygraph examinations. These polygraphs can include instant offense, sexual history, and maintenance/monitoring. At the conclusion of the polygraph a comprehensive report is completed.

​Trauma and Hope also provides additional services including:

  • ​​Trauma and Hope Clinicians are considered experts in the field and have been providing expert testimony throughout Northern Virginia. Trauma and Hope. Clinicians provide testimony on cases that have been evaluated and treated at Trauma and Hope.
  • Trauma and Hope Clinicians provide training, presentations and consultations to a variety of organizations as it relates to the assessment, treatment, and management of sex offenders.