Sexual Exploitation Treatment and Training Services (SETTS)

The Sexual Exploitation Treatment Services (SETS) is a comprehensive treatment program geared towards addressing sexual exploitation victimization. In the recent years, sexual exploitation in Virginia has increased in prosecution and victimization. Victims as young as six have been treated at Trauma and Hope as well as the other forms of exploitation such as pimp and gang controlled. The Clinicians at Trauma and Hope are known as the experts in the field of Trauma and Hope and has assisted various residential facilities establish their sex trafficking programs. The Sexual Exploitation Treatment Services (SETS) includes a comprehensive Sexual Exploitation Assessments, individual, family and group treatment.

The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) represents a particular challenge for mental health professionals across multiple services settings. Commercially Sexually Exploited clients often have complex mental health needs and are at high risk for a broad range of adverse consequences and negative mental health outcomes. Trauma and Hope have developed a specific program to treat the true mental health needs of these victims. The Clinicians that provide these services are licensed through the Board of Social Work and have been providing treatment for sexually exploited victims for many years. Services are provided in both English and Spanish to males and females. The core program components include:

Sexual Exploitation Evaluations

Trauma and Hope specialized clinicians are all familiar with and are trained to perform Sexual Exploitation Evaluations. This evaluation takes a global look at the individual’s history as well as current symptoms to come up with a mental health diagnosis. A Sexual Exploitation Assessment seeks to determine whether or not victimization has occurred through a specific Screening developed by Trauma and Hope Founder, Deepa Patel, the victimization that took place, family, medical, social and sexual history as well as trauma. The evaluation tools use a research validated materials that is completed in the evaluation with the client. It provides information on any signs or indications of anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder as well as strengths and weaknesses with functioning. This evaluation is used to formulate specific goals, objectives and interventions that would be appropriate for the client.

Home Based Services

A unique perspective that provides intensive home based services for victims and their families in the community. Home Based Services are often utilized when victims reside in the community where their victimization may have occured. Emphasis is placed on the importance of safety planning, trauma informed care, community collaboration, cultural competency, and a standard of care for victims of sex trafficking.

Individual, Family and Group Therapy for Victims of Sexual Exploitation

Treatment services for trafficking victims take are an extensive process that can take time as the focus is directed toward the victimization of the grooming period through the branding and psychological bonding of the victims by the traffickers and in many cases. There are various intricate techniques that can be utilized that fully explores traumatic bonding that occurs and the ways to help the victims regain their own psychological independence. Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other trauma focused treatment modalities are the most effective techniques for these victims.

Individual Therapy

The session will run for 45 to 60 minutes. This will be a space of collaboration between the client and the therapist with the intention of facilitating change and ultimately to improve quality of life. Therapy can help the individual to identify obsolete and rigid patterns that in the present moment are not helping the individual to achieve emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Therapy is a journey into your very own self and it is through your understanding, acceptance, and development of compassion towards yourself how change occurs.

Family Therapy

Sessions will run for 45 to 60 minutes. This will be a space of collaboration between the therapist and family members involved: parents and children, parents or care givers, children, or couples. The purpose of this type of therapy is to facilitate change in the entire system, find and reinforce the strengths, wisdom, and support in the system so ultimately every individual find its place and the acceptance and compassion of the rest of the members of the family and/or partnership.

Group Therapy

Like Individual Therapy, Group Therapy has the purpose to facilitate change and help the individual to improve their quality of life. However, in this setting the person will meet with a group of individuals and with one or two therapists. Group therapy gives the individual the great opportunity to address relational patterns, receive the support not only of the therapist but of the other group members, and have the opportunity to relate to others and feel “less alone.”